Friday, 6 September 2019


    Have you ever asked yourself this question before? If no then ask yourself now. The question is a very broad and wide one so your answer must be well thought of and most times you might not get an answer. Have you sat down and thought of what you are doing, who you are, your usefulness to your society, What you are doing that is positive in the society. If not then you are far behind from achieving your maximum goal. WHO ARE YOU ? has to do with your personal motive, personal ability, personal thinking, personal research about yourself. Let the truth be told, someone cant tell you who you are 100%, there only try or guess but the only person that can tell you who you are is YOURSELF. Who are you ? can also be used in the aspect of "ARE YOU A WINNER OR A LOSER", "ACHIEVEMENT", "PERSONALITY" and so on. Find your inner self, who you really are. Have you ever wondered what people see in you ? or what you are really like inside ?.
    You just don't identify yourself by your name , circumstances, or personal appearance "NO" it's actually more than that. It deals more with analysis, thinking, researching and some indebt knowledge about yourself. The story of self is who you believe yourself to be. So let your passion give you expression, through your passion, you can show the world who you are(what you love).To know who you are, pay attention to when you lose yourself. You can also create a space for things that inspire you. Define and analysis yourself and get your answer about who you are. Don't less yourself or feel left out its all about yourself.

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