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Monday, 19 August 2019

Stop Child Marriage

      Child marriage is something not to be talked off because it feels wrong and bad when things like that happen.......

What is Child Marriage: it's a process whereby an underage boy or girl get married to someone who is of age to become there father or mother. for example, getting married to a boy/girl of 8-9 or a child who hasn't become the age of having a sexual harassment or sexual talk. It feels bad because it deprives the child of so much he/she can contribute to society. Child marriages are rampant and need to be stopped. When a child is about to get married at a tender age he/she misses the experience to add value to the society and most of them miss their value. most people intend to getiing their child married for various reason but most especially "money". But have you ever thought that you breeding and nurturing your kids with your best effort can actually help them to be rich and bless you double times the money you were about to receive for them been married to a man or woman older than them? 
     Yes, parent lets try our possible best to help our kids to succeed and say no to Child Marriage. One major fact is that Do you when your children get married at a tender age, you as there parent have lost the value and the privilege of being a mother or a Father .........
You selling your children out is not difference as selling him/her for slavery, so let's be wise and play your shoot to score to win not score and still lose.

My Advise to all parent is if you are faced with many difficulties and you have no choice pease make sure your child is nothing less than 18years old, at that age the child can also make the decision for themselves so there won't be slaves in their husband or wives house ...Let's do well and Keep our country law safe and Okay


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