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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Identify and Solve Problem

            Firstly, before assuming a solution to a problem you first need to identify the problem in order to set the right procedure for the correction or the solution for the problem. There are actually different types of problems which intends to be solved differently i.e(Health problems, Educational Problems, Poverty Problems, Economy Problem, Business Problem and many more, so each problem with their solution.
            While searching for a solution the first thing you need to do is to Clarify the problem right from the beginning and know what problem you are actually facing. Then change the problem from negativity into Positivity while still examing the problem you are facing. When thinking of the problems, make sure you critically think of more than one possibility to solve the problem, then also critically think about the outcome each of the solutions can bring out, what the solution to the problem comprises of. After critically examine the solution to the problem, pick the best outcome solution you also need to prepare for the worst possible income because this life is actually a risk, so if the solution doesn't work be prepared to accept the downfall and also be prepared to rise up immediately. So you need to take complete responsibility for your decision, then send a deadline on when the problem will be solved at least 90 %. Any problem solved 90%, the remaining 10% is no longer a problem, it becomes a test you must solve and pass perfectly so it will have no side effect to come back in the future So you need to take action and solve the problem completely 
          You can solve any problem, overcome every challenge or even achieve any goal that you can set yourself by using your whole and creative mind and take necessary action with full courage and be fully responsible for any Risk that comes out. Success is a mark for a creative mind and thinker and when you use your ability to think creatively, your success can be unlimited and broad.

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